Parchment interior

Looking at a really rough 67 XR7. I can fix a lot of rust and mechanical, but this car has Parchment Leather interior. What can I do about replacing seat covers. Thanks for your help.

Saddle Seat Cover Kit

Parchment is a seldom seen kit but you may be able to buy one. You would need to talk to a human and place the order here.
Saddle Kit

This one might be closer to what your looking for your XR-7.

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Another source is John’s Classic Cougars in Michigan. John has at times had local people do interiors/seat covers for him-not sure what current options are. Most vendors are using Distinctive as their source. Check lead times/availability as I waited close to a year for covers a few years ago.

Timely regarding my '67. Although some of interior soft goods were replace 15 years ago, the metal is in need of some touching up. I have a base Cougar, interior code 2F on the data label. Purportedly this is Medium Saddle Crinkle. I’m trying to find a spray paint that is the correct SEM has some colors - light parchment is too light.

Does anyone know where I can get a spray paint that will closely match my metal color?

Good automotive paint supply can match any color and even put it in a spray can