Part #32057 Review

Hi Everyone. Tony Augustine here from COUGARGUY CUSTOMS. Busy is an understatement in my case. I haven’t been on the forum lately and wanted to post a positive review on a new part offered by WCCC for those working on their classic tilt steering columns. My experience has been incredibly rewarding, rebuilding classic Tilt away steering columns from mid to late 60’s and the later 70’s columns. I offer a wide range of repair options from simple mechanical repairs to more complex internal and component repairs.

The part in review is #32057 (2) bushings for the main steering shaft to the extension end of the shaft. These are designed to tighten the fit between the two mating surfaces and keeps the steering extension snug. The design of the new part requires a few adjustments to make it fit and stay in place while installing the lower extension! What is required is a flat file and black weatherstrip adhesive. The fit needs to be done with the shaft and upper section removed from the tubing. Place the shaft in a vice. The tabs on the opening of the bushing will need attention and filed smooth on the corners. Apply a light amount of adhesive to the inside of the upper landing and adhere to the shaft. File the outer side of the bushing so that the tube will fit with the ability to drive the extension fore and aft without wedging it on. Some penetrating oil works well to lightly clean and lubricate the surface. Bare in mind that not all slots are the same. As Ford would have it they made different lengths and different styles of bushings. This won’t fit every application but for the pair that are single depth slots they do work well. Hope this helps. : )

Hey Tony, did you take any pictures of your installation?