Partial VIN Stamp on 70 351 cars.

Did 351’s also have the VIN stamped on the head like some 428’s did? I always assumed it was a 428 only thing, but going through some pix I found a 70 351 4V Cougar with the VIN stamped on a head. Looking at it I am thinking it was not factory, but am curious. I haven’t heard of any 351’s with a head stamp before.

This is the usual location for the VIN on a 351C. I will never say some did not get it on the head. My 70 428PI has the vin in basically the same location on the block.

Neal had to set me straight on the 351c VIN location too. it’s very hard to see when installed with an automatic transmission. I had to move the kickdown rod and the transmission modulator vacuum line in order to get my phone down between engine and firewall to get a picture. Even then the weak stamp still wasn’t visible until I wire brushed the paint and grease off. But it was there!

Was the partial VIN anywhere on a 69 M code Windsor?

My early 1970 standard 351W 2V built in Sept. 69 with left over engines (prior to switching to Cleaveland) has Partial VIN stamped at the same place as Badcatt 428 pic above. So may be this practice was already going on for the 69 year model.

351C engines were definitely VIN stamped, at least in '70

The federal law took effect on January 1, 1968 long before the 1969 model year. All 1969 Fomoco cars were VIN marked on the engine, transmission, LH windshield, inner fenders and door tag.

A few years earlier a anti theft law went it to effect that required some items like 4 speed transmissions and performance engines to have a VIN or other identifying marks on them. I have had 65 and 66 top loaders with VINs stamped in to them. That was how my old 66 Colony Park wagon with a 4 speed was authenticated. It has the full VIN on the transmission.(this car nor resides in N.C. iirc)