Parting out 1967 XR7

I have taken apart a 1967 XR7 S-code (got burned on Craigslist, long story don’t feel like going into it) and many things are available. I will list what isn’t available and as many things that are available off the top of my head. I will most likely forget some things so be sure to ask if you don’t see it. Pictures are available upon request, if you are local or within driving distance you can come and take a look. Everything is located in Blasdell, NY which is just south of Buffalo.

Not Available:
-Passenger door (sold)
-Heater box/plenum (damaged)
-XR7 woodgrain dash (damaged, instrument cluster is good)
-6.5 Litre badges
(If I remember other things I will add them to the list)

Up in the air: My father and I are debating on what to do with them
-390 Engine, I don’t believe the block to be numbers matching (can’t tell if its a 66 block or 68 on the casting), but has matching GT heads and exhaust manifolds. I have a date matching GT intake to the car it came out of (January 1967) just not original to the engine/car. Engine also has the chrome dipstick handle and valve covers which look aged so could be original parts. I got ripped off from the original air cleaner with the unique snorkel. Engine has one cylinder with low compression, #7 around 105 psi, all others around 135-150 psi. Didn’t blow smoke, and has 2 barrel manifold on it now. Harmonic balancer is missing
-9 inch rear end, if gears are original they are 3.00.

-C6 trans (worked when pulled but would recommend rebuilding before use)
-Front fenders, nothing is rotted through or rusted I just don’t know about the bondo.
-Driver door, actually pretty good with not rot, vent window and side glass still installed and included
-Deck lid, minor rust in lip but no rot
-Instrument cluster (only damage is the right side stud broke off, the one next to the ash tray)
-Oil pressure gauge
-Front and rear seats( parchment color, some of the mounting studs are broken)
-Front and rear door panels (parchment color, not perfect but not bad either)
-Rag joint Steering column
-Steering box (1 inch sector shaft and 16:1 ratio version)
-About 5 or 6 headlight assemblies (some 67, some 68)
-Both bumpers and brackets (will need some work to be perfect)
-Console (Very good unbroken, even the clock worked)
-Overhead console (typical condition for these, I think I have the harness too)
-Spindles with 4 piston brakes
-Underdash harness
-Taillights (one has slight damage)
-Power brake pedal hangar with pedal
-Brake booster (Not original bendix but works pretty good)
-Misc stuff, Fresh air vent, the 67 only vacuum control valve thing for headlights, seat belts etc.

-I still have a 68-70 SMB-K steering box available (1 1/8 sector shaft 16:1 ratio version, very little play!)
Again if you don’t see it listed just ask, if interested in any of it just make an offer!

Can you send pics of driver side front fender to 724-312-9959? Also looking for front and rear lower valance panels. Are they available?


What is a good number to contact you? Photos would be ideal to show off some of the parts. Sounds like a lot of great pieces.

Please email


Joel Willetts

Please give me a call about your Parts 310-844-8091

Give me a call about the center console. AT?


Do you have the arm rests? Thanks!

do you still have the drivers side door? if so what would you charge for it and shipping to salt lake?

Do you have the starter? Looking for an original with stampings

Do you still have the front and rear interior trim panels and the trim around the upper door opening? Have a 68 someone converted from parchment to red years ago. Price? Location?