Passenger door window wont stay up

After struggling i finally was able to put the glass in the passenger door. The car came with the window out and a junkyard regulator. It was not easy ! Now i cannot get the window to stay up. it slides down like a hot knife thru butter. What did i do wrong ?

Is it a 67-68? You need a new regulator. Here is the link to the premium version with how to video.

It happens to be a 1969 Cougar , sorry for dropping the ball on that info

I wonder if the regulator spring is missing ? See this image ( which I ‘borrowed’ from WCCC ) :

How about the little teflon-plastic window bushings, which provide ‘friction’ for the window guides against the verticle posts ?

All the parts are present. My assumption is the regulator? The car came with the glass and regulator loose. When you install the regulator should the spring have to be wound at all ? i had to turn the wind handle to align the four bolts to fit it into the door…in the video it shows just simply put it in and everything just bolts up for the install. This definitely was not just a simple install, it took days (and many foul words) to get everything in alignment