Pastors Sunday Driver Ready for new home

Late last fall I was flagged down while driving my 69 Standard…the fellow mentioned his Mother in Law isva widow and has a Cougar she is trying to sell, maybe I would be interested…no sir…no no no…I would have to sell 2 5 cars just to make room…which I dont have…oh and no money. Well maybe you can help find this Cat a new home.
I helped the widow as best I could …69K orig mile Survivor XR-7…M code Royal Maroon wRed leather interior. One local guy pulled the car out of the garage…the rear brakes locked up…the heater core started leaking with steam coming up from in front of the dash pad…car unable to move in Reverse…she declines his low ball offer and calls me for help. She cant bear her husbands cat being left otuside. She sits me down and firmly informs me…Im very upset…why cant you buy this car ? She not only gives me a great price…she permits me to leave it in her barn until spring time
Im having a hard time waiting ! I finally stopped by and got the brakes unfozen …

WOW!! Nice!!

Wow, that’s awesome! Original paint? Looks really good. Congrats! Sounds like you had some good karma saved up for this one.

Hit a homer on that one. Congrats. I’m a 1st generation cat lover, but 69’s come in a close 2nd. Real nice.