Permanent Lock Ring On Center Drag Link

Anyone ever see a center drag link with a permanent ring on the idler arm side for their 68 with power steering?

maybe not permanent… can it maybe unscrew? Looks like some sort of bushing got stuck/rusted (which is normal on this piece) Just not sure on the ridge… 67 289 car?

It’s definitely cast on there as I had to cut the idler arm off and you can see there is no separation line from the ring to the machined surface. Because I have a spare, I actually cut into the ring to try & remove it but it’s cast on there.
302 Car

Thinkin it must be a repop type. Look at end with post. The post/ link is stamped w/ Ford oval. If not I have a few extras if your interested.

Thanks Bill but I have an original extra. I’m replacing it within the next few days so I will check for stamping. However, it’s so strange that with this setup you can’t replace the idler arm without cutting it off like I did. That cast ring won’t allow the idler arm to come off even with a puller! So strange.

That’s a strange one indeed! I’ve seen them rust welded, but they still didn’t have that lip…

Well here is the mystery drag link and it is stamped FOMOCO. Again, because of this cast ring I had to cut off the idler arm. This drag link wasn’t threaded in far enough to put the roll pin in place either. It also is identical in length compared to the spare one I had.

Any thoughts?

Just a though here, could that be the original sleeve from the old idler arm bushing seized on to the pin?

Cut it off! & lets see what you find. After seeing the Ford stamp, and looking at the pics again, I,m really leaning towards it being just the sleeve from the old arm.

Even before scrolling down ( past the three posted images ) to read the comments by Cougar_Bill and badcatt, you can clearly see the increased diameter of the end of the drag link ‘pin’ ( lower drag link of the two in the third image ) - and conclude that something is still attached to that pin. I bet if you measured the diameter of both pins, you’d find the lower one has a greater diameter because of the remnants of the sleeve from the bushing of the old idler arm is still encasing the pin. Get your dremel and cut a notch through a section of the collar, and then use some vise grips to ‘peel’ the sleeve away from the drag link pin. I’m sure it will come off easily - you might need some heat from a torch to expand the sleeve, but it will come off.

That’s exactly what is was. Mystery solved!!!

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Excellent way of solving the removal of the sleeve ! Members creativity at creating solutions to issues that arise in the repair and restoration of our Cougars always amazes me.

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I love it when a plan comes together.

Even with the puller it took quite a bit of power to break it free and to get it all the way off.

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I love a solved mystery

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