Picked up a new Project 67 S code 4 speed XR7

I was able to pick this up yesterday. Its got to be fairly rare its a 67 S code 4 speed XR7 Inverness Green paint with Saddle interior. Needs everything but straight and mostly rust free. The unfortunate thing is the Original engine is gone but I happen to have a correct GT engine from my burned cat.
Also needs most of the interior so I have to track that down or find a good Donor car
Ill keep posting the Progress…

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BTW how do you post pictures on the new platform??

Congratulations, Jeremy. Nice find.

Very cool. So is this a S code non-GT? Which rear does it have? Looking forward to pics.

You can drag and drop right into the comment box. You can link from any place. You can copy and paste.

NICE! one of the 905 XR7 390 4 speeds. Looks pretty straight. Congratulations!

Nice find …Well done

Very cool! I also own a project 1967 289 4 speed with the same color combination! Hope you get it on the road soon…