Pictures of a 67 GT Carb Tag or one to buy?


I am trying to see if anyone out there with an early 67 Cougar- Preferably with a S code still has the original carburetor and “specifically the CARB TAG!”

My car is a Dec 6th, 1966 - S Code GT- 4 speed car, 390 motor. I have attached a picture of the original Carb- which I have.

Somehow I have misplaced / or lost the Original Carb Tag. ( I have said many bad words trying to find it.)

I know Kevin Marti can reproduce this tag- but I would like a picture of an original one to compare to. If you have a TAG and no carburetor, I would be interested in purchasing an original tag.

Thanks for reading this thread.

There were 2 Holley carbs used in 67 for 390 cars with a 4sp both used 2 different tags. Do you know what holley issue # or the Ford engineering number you part has ? Your engine appears to have emissions control system parts on it are they origional to the car ?

My Cougar is a California cougar. Smog is original to the car and not added.

The Holley I have has the following info on the main body / air horn?

C7OF - 9510 - C
List - 3795

I hope that helps !


I have a NOS C70F-B so not quite the same but you can see what you need. Kevin owns the original FOMOCO tooling to make the Autolite tags so they ought to be just like an original. Notice the difference in the date code in the Holley format vs the Autolite format. Same date, different formats. The third character is the week.

Thanks Royce for the great example!

The A,B carbs were non emissions carbs and got the tag Royce posted the C,D carbs calibrated for a 390 emissions system received the brass tag the tag pictured was made by Marti autoworks.