Plastic Door Panel Handle Cup Paint Prep

When I purchased my XR-7 this summer it was missing the plastic door panel cups/insert. I finally found some and need to paint them. I already ordered SEM plastic prep and SEM black paint.

I cleaned the plastic pieces with some dish washing soap but noticed around the border that the plastic texture is crumbly. Not sure what should be my next step. I’m tempted to remove the crumbly texture so the paint will adhere to the surface underneath. If I remove it what should I use? I’m not expecting miracles just want the pieces to look decent. Also, what kind of trim screws are needed? Just regular screws I can pick up at Lowes?

Thank you

Just a possible idea. I was lucky and mine were not both sun/age damaged

If its able to be cleaned without falling apart then remove the loose surface and recoating with wrinkle paint as a base to apply the interior black lightly over it. Won’t be factory but it will likely look more even as far as the surface finish

That sounds like a great idea. I will try it.


I wet sanded both plastic pieces which removed all of the crumbly old plastic texture and years of gunk. I coated with plastic adhesive promoter then the wrinkle paint. Going to let it cure for a few days then use the interior black paint.

After the wrinkle paint dried for several days I put 5 coats of black interior paint. Installed both today. Came out pretty good. Thanks Jeff!