Point to electronic conversion

Good morning, I’m working on a 64.5-65 mustang with a 289 cid engine, stock point ignition system set up. It’s been requested of me to convert this point ignition system to a electronic set up. The car is not a hot rod (summer time road warrior). I have converted early LBC cars to the pertronix ignitor II set up and was thinking that this car would benefit by getting away from the point type system. In the past i have matched the new electronic system with a new coil that was recommended to use with the conversion. I was wondering about increasing the plug gap from the stock .025 (stock) to .035 to go with the new electronic ignition. Any recommendations?

That should all work very well. Be sure to run a new power supply for the Pertronix.

The stock plug gap setting is .035” and the Pertronix is no different at .035”.

Consider using a relay to trigger full 12-volt to new coil. https://pertronixbrands.com/products/pertronix-2001-ignition-power-relay-kit?variant=31797256224804

This setup works very well. Ive done a few and they provide years of worry free service. Its a great cheap way to get away from points.

Petronix and their recommended higher voltage coil work great on my 351. I strongly recommend it (and it retains the stock look).
Recheck your timing after installation as the fit is slightly different from the point setup.

Which OHM coil should be used with the Ign.3, 1.3 or 3

Igniter 3 is not compatible with the stock Cougar wiring system. It requires the .3 ohm coil that will pull a ton of current. You will be far better off with the P2. I would use the 1.6 ohm coil with the stock resistor wire.

Appears that you’ve already made up your mind to switch but would offer that after trying Petronix on a number of my cars I removed those systems due to problems and issues. If I did go through with the change I would have a parts to make the swap back to stock if the Petronix left me stranded unless your going to rely, if things fail, on a wrecker to transport the car home.

Just my experiences

Jeff did you hook up the Pertronix at the coil?

Don’t recall specifically believe I just followed the direction that came with each kit and coil. On one car it would die just like a bad condenser on my Boss and on the Cougar, it would work or would not then the next try it would do the opposite or the same