Ported Vacuum Switch Help needed

The vehicles = 1970 Base Cougar, 351C 4V, 4 speed. No modifications accept for a rebuild approx. 3 years ago and only 480 miles on rebuild (stock rebuild)

Before the rebuild I had replaced the water pump. While doing so I was removing a bolt and the wrench slipped and I whacked “something” that broke apart. At the time I was VERY amateur at fixing the Cougar and didn’t realize what the “something” was until now. It was the “Ported Vacuum Switch”.

Now, since the rebuild, I’d like to get her back to being somewhat original and would like to install the PVS but, for the life of me, I cannot find where it was located.

If anyone here has a 351C can you take a picture (or maybe find one somewhere) and show me where the PVS is supposed to be located.

Thank You! :grinning:

Here it is next to alternator and heater hose. My three hose “PVS” has a white cap.

Standard Motor Products PVS14.

Awesome and Thank You :blush: