Powder Coating grill parts

Hey guys, decided to get my eyelids powder coated flat black and all the chrome grills for the center sections in gloss black. I opened up most of it and was totally stoked, until i got to the headlight bucket portion. Totally ruined by the heat. Can tell where they were hung in the oven by the pic. Totally teisted and disfigured beyond fixing. Total bummer.

Do not do this on these sections. Paint them if any thing.

These however, turned out super :cherries:!

Just thought id throw this out there. I guess when Don made the video about straightening, while using a heat gun to do so, i understand now how fragile these are and why a heat gun was enough.

Well Don, I need some replacements for a 68. No need the bars, I got that covered…

Your tail lights look incredible!

I made the same mistake with mine a couple of years ago which was a huge disappointment. I later went back on a second attempt with the headlight grills mounted in an old set of buckets to retain the shape. Then we hung them by the buckets instead of the grill to cook. They turned out great with only a minor amount of adjusting using Don’s heat gun method afterward.

Thought I would mention this in the event you want to take another shot at it and like the look and durability of the powder coating.

Over 30 years ago I had mine done. They used a plastc instead of “powder coating”. It used lower temps thus i had no deformation.

I did mine 15 yrs ago…used a heat gun and propane torch to straighten. If using regular powder , one should make angle iron frames to support . Now they have low temp powder that works well without distorsion.
If you want shiny fins , hang all the parts upsidedown , powder , then wipe the fin edge with your finger. The powder will fall off and you’ll get a smooth transion , no sharp edge at the mask line