Power Steering Issue - need help

I have a 1969 with 302 engine. I got hold of a Borgeson pump and mounting kit during my restoration of this original P/S car. I did use the pressure valve modification kit to reduce the pressure. I used the original slave, control valve and the car had more power on RH turn than left. I assumed it was the control valve mechanism so I bought a refurbished unit. Now I have replaced the slave and the control valve and I have some right turn power while left turn is manual or worse. I know the slave cylinder hoses are connected correctly b/c you can sure tell when they are not. Any ideas as to why or what I need to get my PS working? Thanks for any assist.

I had never heard of this and had to Google it to figure out what a Borgeson PS pump was. Apparently it is a Saginaw generic motors pump. I am not sure why this is considered an upgrade, it seems very odd to me.

In any case it has to be either the control valve or the slave cylinder giving you trouble if the pump is working. In general the stuff from auto part stores is now made in China, even the so - called “remanufactured” parts are brand new from China. They don’t have a good track record here. I had the same problem and ended up buying remanufactured slave cylinder and control valve from Chockostang. Their parts are OEM Ford and they work.

Not sure where Borgeson pumps are made or why you would want one?

I had a similar issue, assist one way and not the other after rebuilding the control valve.

After a lot of checking and trying adjustments, I disassembled the valve and discovered that there were burrs on the edge of the spool inside the valve . (It looks like a mini camshaft with round lobes.) I smoothed the edges with some emery paper and reassembled the valve and installed it in the car. It has been working perfectly ever since.

The Borgeson pump upgrade kit is available from CJ Pony Parts, Summit and others for Ford applications. It consists of a Saginaw type pump with a bracket and spacers. The idea is they are quieter and more effective at low RPM. They put out higher pressure so there is a kit with several washers that can be installed in the pressure valve of the pump to adjust down to lower pressure for different applications. I plan to return the control valve to vendor and will try another. Thanks for info.

Thanks, I plan to return the control valve to vendor and will try another. Thanks for info.

How could a Saginaw generic motors pump be any quieter or more effective than an utterly silent Ford PS pump? I am sorry, it’s just a company trying to get $$$ from you.

There is no need for that pump unless you have the Borgeson steering box, the ford pump is matched to your stock system.

Hi SHLBNOT and welcome to the forum.

I don’t have any experience with the Borgeson pump or with any power steering conversion kits. What I can say is that I have owned my Cougar for 25 years and during that time there have been lots of items on it that have sort of worked but were never quite right. Most of these things were “upgrades” and swaps performed by previous owners.

Over the last two or three years, I have had great results by removing “upgrades” that were installed by previous owners and installing rebuilt original Ford parts to return the car to “as-designed” function. Every time I have made a change of this type it has worked out in my favor and there is an added bonus that answers to most problems can be found in the factory shop manual

I’m not a gearhead performance guy nor a “concours” restoration zealot. I just want my Cougar to run and drive reliably and be fun for me and my family. I hope you are able to get your power steering working well.