Power Steering Line Issue

I’ve been enjoying having power steering again after nearly 10 years of hard cranking, but yesterday I noticed a trail of drips behind me as I turned into the driveway. As I was pulling into the garage, heard a nasty PSHHHT noise and suddenly much smoke billowed out from under the hood. Big pool of red under the car! On inspection, it looks like the high pressure line going into the control valve was rubbing on the steering arm, which caused it to crack:

When I installed the line, this is the only way it would fit, but obviously, that was wrong. How should this line have been routed to avoid this?

Both lines route behind the pitman arm connection point:

This was before installation of the worm hose clamp to the left (toward PS) of the pitman arm connection point which strain relieves/holds the lines to the control valve. The clamp I speak of goes just to the left of the boot clamp (silver with the two screws in my photo).

Thanks, Bob. That makes more sense.