Power Steering Pump

I pulled the old girl out of the garage yesterday. Only to find the contents of the power steering pump on the floor. After the kitty litter dance, it looks looks like the leak is from the front of the pump housing.
How hard is it to do a seal job on the pump? I havent been inside one yet. The seal kit is cheap enough. And I have the time. Special tools? ETC… difficulty level from 1-5?

Thanks guys & gals

Like a 1 or 2 if you’re not replacing the front pump seal and are convinced it’s coming from the housing. No special tools. Make sure the case isn’t dented at the seal. Finally, double check to make sure the leak isn’t coming return fitting where is brazed to the reservoir

I would send the pump to Chockostang. It will be back in 7 - 10 days rebuilt and repainted the proper color. He does nice work and reasonable too.

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Chockostang did everything else with my P/S. As far as wh were the leak is, Im pretty sure short of removal and pressure test.

Pump is of to chockostang. Found out so much. Like dont use a 2x4 against the body to adjust the tension on the belt. It dents the can, and makes.it not round and destroys the seal. Mine has 2 big dents. Not from me!
The pump comes off the mount without removing the pulley, (really), so Dan is truing it up and painting it also.

Pix of the buggered Pump Housing

Got the pump back from Chockostang on Friday. Dents removed, rebuilt, fresh paint. Goes back in tomorrow.

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Dan does nice work.

Pump back in. Used a members suggestion for tensioning the belt.

My pump before Dans work had dents from “leveraged” tensioning contributing to the leakage (can not round anymore)


Talking with him, he uses a hammer & dolly to round things out. Impressive!

Mike M.

Wow, what a difference! He did a great job. What did he charge for the rebuild? Royce always has good info/connections on this stuff.

That rope trick is going in my bag of tricks. Genius.

It was $110 + shipping. I consider it a deal.

I stole the rope trick from another user. He described it. I took a pix, im visual. Since Dan told me about how a large number of leaks come from leveraging against the can and distorting it. Makimg them leak, I wasnt about to do that.