Power steering to manual steering conversion 71-73 cougar

i have a 1973 cougar convertible 351 2 barrel fmx auto trans. i want to convert my cougar from power steering to manual steering. i just purchased a manual steering box from BAP auto parts. the input shaft on the old power steering box is short, and it has a rag joint that slips over the shaft with a flat spot on the input shaft that matches the flat spot on the rag joint. the manual steering box has a long input shaft with no flat spots for rag joint installation, there is no way that this manual steering box is going to fit my car. my question is, do i need to find a steering column from a manual steering car? is the steering column for power steering different from the manual steering column?

I think you need a lot of other parts. The rag joint, pitman arm, tie rod, and idler arm are all different for manual steering. I would think the steering column would be the same but am not sure for that model year.

Being the 71 to 73 power steering box is the Saginaw steering box that has the power boos in the box, they do use the same rag joint, pitman arm, tie rod, and idler arm. I’m looking for info on the manual box, but I’m thinking you may have a incorrect box.
Per Roc Auto, this is a 71 manual box,

And this is a power steering box,

Note the box is smaller with the manual box, it looks like the end of the input shaft should be in the same location. You may have to push the lower shaft in to the column some to get it to fit. But I don’t this that you should need to.