Previous Ride of The Month Winners

Previous Ride of The Month Winners

The Puropse of this topic is for a quick reference to see what owner and Cougar has won Ride of The Month in the past. I will update this thread as new winners are selected. So enjoy a look back on previous winners.


October : Mark and The Local Hero our Very first Ride of the Month

November : Brian Aust’s GT-E Blackie

December : Bill’s '68 XR7-G CJ


Janruary : Zoli’s 1970 Eliminator Convertible Tribute

February : Jan Ove’s '68 XR7

March : Joe Gallaghers '67 Introductory Brochure tribute Cougar

April : Rocketman’s 460 powered 1969 XR7

May : Harry’s 1969 Eliminator

June : Jeff’s Sunroof '70

July : Jim and Elaine Pinkerton’s Cougar 1 (as in the the very first Cougar built!)

August : Chris Gauch’s '69 Meadow Lark yellow R code XR-7 vert

September : Bob’s '69 Convertible Isabel

October : Scott F’s Madras Blue XR7G

November : Rockets G Force Cougar

December : John Benoit’s 1970 428 Eliminator


Janruary : MO2872’s '68 Resto Mod

February : Bill’s (CatVert68) 1967 XR-7 GT

March : Leon’s (AKA LeonBray) Fantastic Right Hand Drive '70 Eliminator

April : Jody’s '68 Copy Cat Vert

May: Chris Farmer’s Lime Frost GTE

June : Sweetairs '69 390 Convertible

July : Grant’s (G68) '68 Standard

August : Steven’s (1967 S Code’s) '67 Standard 6.5 Liter

September : Dave’s 1970 Boss 302 Eliminator

October : Dave’s (A73Cat) '73 XR-7

November : James Wilson’s '70 Eliminator Tribute, Known as Copy Cat

December : Frank’s Cheshire Cat


January: Gary’s (93RGTE) 68 428 GT-E

February: Rod’s (myhighschoolxr7) 1967 XR7

March: Rob’s (Mr Eos) 1969 428CJ Convertible

April: Mark’s (CatsRock) '73 Triple Black XR7 Convertible

May: Mike (Berns68) 1968 Standard

June: Neal’s 1970 XR7 “Ginger”

July: Chris Carney’s (cccarney69) 1968 GT-E Standard

August: cinnafrostxr7gurney’s 1967 XR7

September: Mike’s '69 CJ XR7

October: Dan Bernier’s '70 Vert

November: Richards’ 1971 Convertible “Mistress”

December: Mike_B_SVT’s 1970 SCJ Eliminator


January: Sam 68RcodeGT’s 1968 428 Cobra Jet

February: Dennis Pierachini’s 1968 Agusta Green Standard

March: Cameron Benoit’s 1967 Sheffield Standard Cougar

April: Gary Hill’s 1969 XR7 S Code 390 “Pole Cat”

May: Sylvain Dubeau MercuryMan’s 1970 Eliminator

June: Steve O’Connell 1970 Cougar Standard

July: Bill Pratt’s 1968 XR7 B3Cat

August: Bavarian Knight (Harry’s) '68 XR7

September: Don Stratemeyer (Mercury Don) 1968 XR-7 GT-E

October: Dave’s 1970 Boss 302 Eliminator

November: Doug’s 1969 XR-7 428CJ Convertible

December: Philip’s 6.5 Litre 1968 XR7-G


January: Ted’s 1968 Standard Dan Gurney Special

February: Al Juraco’s Calypso Coral GT-E

March: Malcolm McMillan’s 1967 Custom Convertible

April: Neal Jacobson’s 1971 XR7 Survivor with Upbeat Interior

May: Todd Richmond’s 1970 Standard Convertible

June: Gavin Schlesinger’s 1968 XR7-G

July: Odd-Roar Stordahl’s 1970 Cougar XR-7 Convertible

August: Heather’s 1969 XR-7 Convertible

September: Roy’s WhataCougar 1968 XR-7

October: Brian Carpenter’s 1968 XR7G

November: Bill August Sweetair’s '69 390 4 speed XR-7 Convertible

December: Scott Zeller’s 1969 XR-7


January: Mark Piechowski’s 1969 Sport Special

February: Al Adams Guitar74’s 1968 Standard Cougar

March: Kim Millhollin DeadStangs 1969 XR-7

April: Brett Pavlov’s COUGRR’s 1968 Convertible Conversion

May: Kyle Krause’s 1967 Cougar

June: Del Melhof’s 1967 XR-7

July: Melissa and Ray Shereda’s 1968 Standard

August: Brian Carpenters 1969 Boss 302 Eliminator

I know Steven said he would update the list, but thats a pretty tall order in todays busy craziness. I know I appreciated having the list of past winners when trying to nominate members for ROTM so I have a thought. Why not ask the ROTM winner post one pic of their cat when they win? Just throwing it out there :smoke:

It’s been no problem at all for me. Happy to do it.

June 2014. Ginger, 1970 XR-7. Thanks for the honor.

DSC_0117 by badcattt

These are my thoughts when I started this thread topic after the suggestion was made by another board member. Bill was asked to do it but he had enough on his plate with taking care of the site and doing the write up of each winner. I volunteered and asked for the post to be made a sticky for quick easy reference. I edit my first post so all ROTM winners will be on the first page of this topic. To date we have had 33 winners and these numbers will continue to grow each passing month’s new winner. If we had the members post their photos this thread would be on page 4 now due the total number of posts. As the number of posts grows along with the number of pages the quick reference will get lost. I’m happy to do it either way.

There’s also the Ride of the Month page on the main site, which is automated, and doesn’t require anyone’s time to maintain, though it doesn’t include the owners’ names like this thread.