Pro Touring 68 Cougar

Hey all, coming up on 5 years ago (wow) I picked up a 68 Standard. Actually I like to say I rescued it from a failed restoration. I’d always wanted to have/build a 69 Mustang, but I finally had the the ability to start something and when browsing around I stumbled on a 1968 Cougar Std at a nearby classic car dealer. Now I’d always wanted a 69 Mustang, but sort of everyone does, so you see them all over. Cougar’s kind of had a special place for me too since they’ve got so much of the unique stuff that we all love about them, and this one was just too perfect to pass up. It was in primer, the shop had pics of it in bare metal so I could tell it was solid. Plus was “just” a standard, 302 automatic, a blank slate, so none of the conflict about changing something special, like an XR7-G, Eliminator or other rare version.

There’s an awesome builder local here (who painted my 89 Mustang), after I picked up the Cougar I took it down there. They’ve been great, offering help and advice, being a bad influence :slight_smile: After talking to them about what I wanted, and looking at options, I came up with a rough plan. I wanted a Coyote, which meant new front suspension, which basically meant new rear suspension too. The shop recommended DSE after having done that on a prior Mustang, and while not the cheapest option, was not a lot more than other options. so that’s what I went with.

One of the “bad influences” from that shop was that it would be cool to use a Voodoo. I kind of wrote that off since when we first talked about it, Voodoo takeouts were like $20k, but I remember being down there one day, and they told me “One of these days you’re going to come in and tell us you got a Voodoo”. Well eventually while doing research on engines I stumbled across an amazing deal on Voodoo long block that I couldn’t pass up.

So as I write this, I took a welding class and got a welder. I installed the suspension, got the car sandblasted and epoxied, fixed some poor prior repairs and damage. Grafted in a late model Mustang Cobra tunnel to fit the Tremec Magnum, got the engine/trans installed and I’m working on the wiring and plumbing.

Like I said, I’ve been documenting it on Vintage Mustang. I started there because I was interacting with some other users there who are doing builds more similar to this from a technical/mechanical perspective, so it seemed like a good fit. Here’s the thread, I’ll continue updates there, feel free to comment here or ask questions if you want.

That is cool!

Looking forward to reports on how the build is going!

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Commented over there and now here!