Progess on reproduction dashes for '67 and '68 Cougars!

Everything is always a little more difficult than expected. When we scanned the OEM parts we discovered some twisting or warp in the parts that we think was there from day one. So not wanting to duplicate that we had to develop a full set of drawings so we could take out the twists.

There are also a number of modifications we are making to improve the parts like using 1/4 20 studs to mount the panels instead of those diabolically difficult speed nuts on the fragile plastic tubes.

Anyway I thought folks might like to see some drawings. We are reviewing these and then we either do 3D models or start cutting tooling steel.


Nice work! This will be a great repro in the future. While I dont need one I would pick a set up to have for when if and when I would need a set.

Probably not worth the extra work and expense but I think it would be cool to do this same thing but with an option for aftermarket gauges. The most cost effective option would be keeping the current layout but sizing the holes to fit aftermarket gauges. Certainly not the demand for those as a stock xr7 repro however.

Awesome! I will be following this closely! I’m jealous of the Mustang guys that can order re-pros of their dash meanwhile show quality XR7 Cougars can be seen with warped dashes. The plastic gets so brittle on the originals that it’s like working with a mummy artifact!

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Great job Bill!

Now I just have to find a GTE project to use them on.

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Fantastic. I would buy one; put me on the list.

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Great work and service to the Cougar community!

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Are you also making a reproduction for 1967 non XR7 ?

Yes. The main difference between 67 and 68 Standard is the way the face pad attaches. The 67 used screws and the 68 used clips. We have put the screw bosses in on the driver side and the tinnerman clips on the passenger side. For the standard we have created recesses for Velcro to hold the pad. The clips are fragile and about $13 each so this will solve a lot of problems

Thanks to hyperman67 for pointing out that I had failed to include the pictures of the standard dash. He is absolutely correct in that they are not interchangeable.

Here are the pictures of the standard dash.