Proper seat belt color '70 white decor

My seat belts appear to have the correct hardware for '70 std conv. I want to get them re-webbed due to stains and fading. A couple of the restorers I’ve talked to don’t seem familiar with the color of my belts as seen here:

Sample 1 seems too gold-ish and sample 2 seems too light. Anyone know what was correct? Is the dark parchment/off-white of my current belts what came with the car?

NOTE: I know the seat pattern isn’t correct, getting back to decor upholstery is what launched this effort to get the belts done too.

What is the trim code off the door date plate?

My seat belts on my 70 convert are the same color as yours are, as they a are supposed to be. If I had to pick from your samples I would go with the top one.


Well according to the MPC, that code refers to White Corinthian Vinyl and White Clarion Knit Vinyl-with Black. So, I would speculate that the seat belts were originally black. But based on your picture, gray maybe be correct also. Don’t know if this helps or not. Maybe others here know more.
Original Belt Colors are-
Nugget Gold

I’ve sent for some samples of some grey and silver 3 panel webbings. Can’t find parchment.

One restorer has offered to dye some for me but cost and time are prohibitive.

Update: I’ve had a lot of great support from CCOA members and folks on this forum. I’ve come to agree with the consensus opinion of all this input which is that my seat belts should in fact be black in color. I’m going that route. Thanks all.

That is probably a safe route - few people will fault black belts, or even be aware that they MIGHT should be another color, LOL!

And hey, you can always pack the gray / gold ones up and stash them for a possible future owner to worry about :slight_smile:

Get it back on the road and enjoy it, safely :sunglasses:

I would go with Python for your belt resto… Black is what I see on white interior for that year.

Does your Marti report or Eminger Invoice call out “Delux Belts”? If not then your belts would be black, if it does then they will be co-ordinated to the interior.

No mention of seat belts on my elite Marti report.

Here’s the thing that’s driving me nuts: I keep being told by people that I completely respect all kinds of conflicting information. Plus, since my previous post I’ve found more pictures of '70 convertibles with white interiors that have the same putty color belts I have.

I’m not going to pull the trigger on black until I’m completely convinced they shouldn’t be the color they are now.

That is exactly the same color that is in my 70 convt. They are original to the car. I might call them golden nugget. My Marti does not call out for deluxx seat belts.

Update 2: Pulled the back belts out. Three of them have remnants of date tags.

Numbers read 104 8-70, 105 8-70, and 106 8-70 respectively.

I believe those codes would be correct for a car with a build date of 3/26/70.

Your belts are an identical match for my '70 belt color. Mine was a white/black interior. All original. Have you contacted Python Restoration to see if he has the correct belt colors in stock?

I’ve tried repeatedly by email and phone. I actually got through by phone once a few weeks back but can’t catch him again. I’ll keep trying.

Stewart is a local here. Let me give him a jingle and see what’s up.

Just talked to Stewart. He has more of this 70 only color in NOS as well as webbing to make new belts. Send him a ping again. The business is somewhat of the hobby style business so his time to get to belts is slow.


EDIT: Spoke to Stewart at length today. He’s sending me some pics of what he’s got and agreed mine are correct. Hopefully getting close to a solution now.

Glad the community is working here. Very few have seen my color belts as well.

It really has been a fun bit of sleuthing. Still have a couple of Cougar guys I respect saying they wouldn’t have believed it without the group effort providing several data points.