Proud New Cougar Owner

Hello, I’m new to both the group and to owning a Cougar. Picked this up about a month ago and was waiting for it to arrive, which was killing me. 1967 4 Speed Base, for about 11. I am unsure as to the original milage but it was well taken care of. I have a small bit of work that I will have to do to it as you can tell from some of the pictures, like adding AC, as it’s in Texas now and our summers are not kind, but I’m happy to crawl under the hood for her.

Very nice. Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community it’s always great to have another new member. What made you choose a Cougar?


Looks very nice! - love the look of a manual transmission poking out of the standard console.

  • Phillip

Great car! Considering what a minority of cars were 4-speeds, what a find!

That’s a great looking car! at abut 11 I think you got a great deal. Hope you enjoy the heck out of it!

Very nice car and a good deal to boot.

Congratulations and enjoy. Very nice looking Cougar.

Very Nice

Congrats and welcome!

WOW! Great looking Cougar. Welcome to the CCC and congratulations on your new love. You’ll soon find out that it’s an addiction.

Wow looks like you got that one for a steal, nice cat!

Nice ride!

Welcome and congrats on a nice find.

Great looking car and looks like a good price if it’s anywhere close to the shape it appears to be in. Hope you enjoy it.
By the way - love those Cragar SS rims - very 70’s hot rod look…

For me it was a small combination of things. I’ve always loved the way the sequential and hide-away lights look on these cars. The body, though similar to the Stang, has its own curve sets that I find to be more appealing visually. After looking at several classics being, restored, I couldn’t help but keep coming back to the sleek look of the cougar.

Also thank you for all the welcomes! Glad to be here and learn a few things.