Pulling 74 302, building 68 347

How it is now, and how it started outside Petty’s Garage in Level Cross, NC.

Rebuilt the 74 block, but has 2 dead cylinders. Have a 68 block bored .030, with a Scat 347 kit and putting in cam bearings now for Crane Thumper. Nearing assembly stage. Putting in a stage 2 AOD to handle the power. Could certainly use a 3.00 locker diff if anyone has it for a 8". Can hardly wait to put it back on the road and cruise down to Key West and up to Washington to WCCC where I found most of the hard to get parts.
The paint is a Ford color from 05 called Magnetic.
This is a 7yr build

Not sure where you are for parts purchase, but if you desire you can retrofit a roller cam into the old blocks. I did that with my 67 Cougar. CompCams makes kits - the tricky part is getting the right pushrod length. I used the stock late model 302 roller parts since I had them. I had to drill two 1/4" holes in the lifter valley and tap them for the two ‘spider’ retainer hold down screws. Worked like a champ.

Thanks for the assuring advice. Like all engines, we want to give it the best chance of success. Glad that you’re able to get the roller retrofit into the old block. I don’t have any stuff sitting around, but I have really considered it. At this point, I put on a main girdle, trimmed an oil pump, took it off, put on a standard flow and removed the girdle and degreed the cam. It should go together quickly when I get back to it. I might break down and find another block to build with the rollers, but this one is for dress. I expect to get about 25-30k miles out of it, if I’m lucky.

Best of luck. If you’re going flat tappet, then it’s a no brainer. I happen to have some Rhodes lifters from the day and a crane cam (both new & unused) if you’re interested. Rhodes lifters gave you the opportunity to run a slightly more radical cam without the need to significantly raise the ide e(they act like a variable duration on your cam). PM me if you are interested - I wouldn’t need much money for them since I later chose to do the retro. I also have that CompCams retro roller cam (used) - the PN is 31-422-8[31]. I doubt it has more than 7500 miles on it. Since the 289 block is no longer in use, that cam is available.

Also, I did some data collection and tabulation on roller cams for the 302. I have it all summarized by manufacturer and part number. It gives you at a glance comparison of different grinds. I tend to build for the street emphasizing torque, especially these days because my no matter what I do to my Cougar - at 600 ft.lb. AWD my F type Jag totally eclipses the Cougar’s capability. If interested, give me email and I’ll send that document to you as well.