Quarter Glass Install

I am looking for suggestions on installing the quarter glass on my 69 coupe. The manual says the track and glass are to be installed as a unit, but I cannot find a way to do that. I have tried installing separately, but cannot get get all the guides to fit into the track. Your feedback would be appreciated.

The way I do them… ( not FORD approved!)
put in track. (cleaned & lubed)
bring window in at a forward angle thru slot while holding & guiding the 3 nylon glides into the 3 channels ( it will take a few times believe me). Once into the channels,slide the glass down to the base. Slide base “L” bracket in from the side. Install 2 top screws of the track into body, and the ones at the base L bracket.
You can now install the regulator, but I try to put in the rest of screws/bolts in & test the movement by hand. Install stops & adjust.

Thanks Cougar Bill - I will give that a try.

Ditto. Sometimes the window will not seat in tracks. Pull it out and try again. Eventually, it will slide down.