Question of the day - How many Hertz XR7-G's exist today?

Of course we can only report what is known to the XR7-G Registry.

There were 200 Hertz XR7-G’s built including those with X engine codes used as pre - production show units, and one prototype built from a 1967 XR-7.

Today we have 87 Hertz XR7-G’s accounted for. Of those 4 are known to be parted and scrapped. 83 are known to exist. Existing does not mean running and driving!

Most of the cars are in the United States.

Cars not in the USA:
Two are in Canada.
Two are in Sweden.
One is in Norway.

I think that I inspected all three of the XR7-G’s that went over seas to Sweden and Norway. The two cars that went to Sweden were 7 or 9 VIN numbers apart.

Is the 67 proto part of the 4 scrapped?

It is not known whether it exists or not. It has not been reported as scrapped so it is not counted as anything except one of the 200.

Thanks Royce