Question on 1969 CJ cars

I can’t seem to get a good answer on this topic.

Did all CJ Cougars receive the nose stripe? Just the R-codes? Or was it an option?

Some people say it’s an option. Every non-Eliminator R-code I’ve seen has had it, but it’s never been reflected on the Martis, which leads me to think it was standard with the R-code.

And not available with the Q-code?

Thank you!

Was not on Eliminators at all. Was an option, also was available with 351

That’s why I said non-Eliminator. :slight_smile:

I know the GT/351 package had the stripes (and no hood scoop), but my main focus is the CJ.

I thought this was the question asked, and sounded like the rest was just your observations.

This is an excerpt from the CCOA judging rules regarding 1969 hood stripes:

In 1969, when the 351 Performance Group was ordered, the car received a 351-4V, Dual Exhausts Competition Handling Package, and the Power Dome Hood Stripes in one of two colors, (Black or Silver) with “351" and Cougar Head identification. When the 428CJ was ordered the car received the Power Dome Hood Stripes in one of two colors, (Black or Silver) with “428" and it may or may not have the Cougar Head identification. Also “Q” code cars may or may not have these stripes. In both cases these Stripes were Decals. In 1969 these decals were NOT part of the Eliminator Package.
NOTE: It is documented that not all 1969 Cougars with these Engine options received the Power Dome Hood Stripes…

I’m sure others will chime in with more information

Yeah, it was a question because my observations don’t quite jibe with some opinions I’ve asked in the past.

I’ve seen plenty of CJ Martis and none of them specify a stripe.


The 428 CJ included the hood stripe. Ram air also included the hood stripe.

335HP CJ428 4V Avil. only with 4-speed manual or Select-Shift Trans. Incl. 4V engine, dual exhausts, competition handling package, E70x14 WSW fiberglass belted tires, 3.50 : 1 rear axle and power done hood dual stripes (over 351 2V) 336.80

Ram Air Induction (Avail. only with 428CJengine) incl. ram air induction system, functional hood scoop in body color, and F70x14 Belted Traction tires. Hood stripes run from front to rear of hood. 138.60

Thank you!

So what about a Q-code CJ? Would it have full-length stripes?

Despite what the brochure says I have seen a number of 428CJ cars with a 3.0 or 3.25 rear, including mine.


I think those were optional ratios, both with and without TL?

I have a 428 CJ four speed with 3:25 gears and Trac loc. I also have a 69Q code in original paint with no hood stripe and 300 open gears. Just FYI.

Do you think Q-codes simply never received the stripes?

For the few I have seen, none have had it.

3.50 open would have been the “base” / standard axle ratio. If you optioned AC it received 3.00 ratio, although 3.00 and 3.25 would have been available optional ratios, I would imagine.

That’s my guess ~ Q-codes never got the stripes :frowning:

That would make it a Cougar Q-ship (pardon the pun). So used to seeing hi-po Cougars with hi-po candy.

To answer another question you had, Diego: features which are part of an option package are typically not called out on Marti Reports. So, if the car was optioned with the 351 Performance Group which included the stripes, it would not be called out. Another example would be the '67-'68 GT Group – power disc brakes were part of the package, so they are not called out.

I have seen exceptions to this on Marti Reports, say on those for a Mark III (like the one I had), where the stripe color was called out. In that case they were standard equipment but could be deleted. That would also have been called out.

Welcome to the wonderful, sometimes contradictory world of how Ford kept track of this information.

Hey, Dennis, hope to see you next month in OC!

What I was getting at was that if the stripe was an option and not standard with the engine, it probably would be called out on the Marti. Someone here pointed out it was included, and the Martis I posted would bear this out.

Is my thinking right?

The 3.00 was required when A/C was ordered

Per one of the Martis I posted, 3.25 was also available with AC.

Agree - hood stripe is not called out on the Marti report for R code cars. I have an original paint R code XR7 hardtop, with the old faded original hood stripe, and no mention of it on the Marti report.

Yes, as far as I’m aware, and have observed.