R134 ac conversion

As part of my '68 conversion I have installed a 351C with a serpentine system from CVF Racing. This kit includes an AC compressor compatible with R134. I can not go back to R12. I have been now told that the factory type condenser will not work well with R134 and I need to change. i need suggestions as what I need to change to and where can I get it. Thank you all, Randy

R134 is not as efficient as R12 so the conversion will be warmer in any case. Typically you need to change the lubricant and the filter / drier as well as installing adapter fittings. The evaporator will be fine if you flush it with alcohol and let it dry.

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Same for the original pump/compressor. It must be cleaned, or rebuilt to run 134. Royce is right that 134 is not as efficient as R12, but it’s getting harder to get R12. The pumps/compressors were used by a lot of vehicles. I found a new one online that is the same version used in newer Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks for both of my 68s.

Not certain, but my understanding is that R12 is no longer legal in Canada, and not to be used in upgraded AC systems.

You can not legally buy R12 in Canada and many states in the US, as well, so the best bet is to clean out all the remnants of the R12, or replace the parts, and go with the 134A.

You may want to look into RED TEK 12a… Suppose to be completely compatible with R12 & 134A…

Any of those Red Tek products wreck AC systems. You have to disclose if you have any in your system if you go to an AC repair facility as that stuff will also damage their equipment.

Oh, good to know…