Radiator Identification

I am looking for clarification on what the correct OE radiator is for my 1969 Cougar.
It is a 428CJ Q code with automatic trans and air conditioning.
Any help is greatly appreciated

This is off my 69 390 auto which would have the same 24" three core. C9ZE-AF1 the 1 can change with different revision levels. 9DA date code which should be just before your build date. 9=69, D=April, A= first week. My Cougar was built 4/29/69.

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The MustangTek website is a great resource for determining “correct” part numbers. You can also check out the 428CJ website.


I like to compare both sites, just to be sure.

Another thing you can do is check your build sheet and see what it says for the radiator ~ there should be a letter / number code that will roughly match what was installed in your car.
For example, my build sheet says 825L, which seems like it would indicate a C8ZE-L (C8ZZ-8005-C), for a 4speed car. I almost think that the “2” on the build sheet was supposed to be a “Z”, but got typoed somewhere along the way. or maybe not.

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just for fun, my 70 hardtop the build sheet shows 0Z5G, It would not have any relation to a 428CJ car, but thought it was interesting.

That’s cool (to me)! So looking at the MustangTek list, I’m guessing your factory radiator would have been…

D0ZE-G (D0ZZ-8005-C);
70 302 Mustang (exc/special) XC
70 351 Mustang 2v 4v XC
70 351 Mustang 4v (w/3.5-1 axle) SC XC wo/AC

Hi. On my November build 69 (428 R code, auto with a/c) I’ve got C8ZE-S1, with an 8KA build date.

Mike, I would think so. But the car has a replacement no name one in it now. I have one that as I recall is a D0ZZ-C unit. I also have a 69 351W 4V 24 inch unit stored away too. I should look at them and post the numbers.

Sorry on my previous post that should be November 68 build 428 R code w/air

This is my 69, 24 inch radiator, It is a 2 core and has a Sept, 68 build date. C9ZE-K1 number.

DSC_0004 by badcattt,

[/url]DSC_0005 by badcattt,

This is my 70, 24 inch radiator. It has 3 cores but has been recorded at some time in it’s life. Build date of Nov 1969. D0ZE-G1 number.(This is not Gingers radiator, It came in a parts car and was not correct for it) Just adding more numbers to the pile.


The correct radiator for a Dearborn built 390 automatic Mustang or Cougar would be a Modene C8ZE-M1 or M2. A C9ZE radiator is not correct for a big block.

Think your wrong.The radiator in the 390 69 Cougar has not been replaced. I broke loose the factory bolts with the factory paint on them when I removed it to get the radiator recored. It hadn’t been removed prior.The cougar was only on the road for three yrs and stored since 1973 with the original owner.

From the 428CJ Identification website. http://www.428cobrajet.org/id-radiator

Ford used the same C8ZZ-C replacement radiator for a number of 390 and 428 vehicle applications. The C8ZZ-C service part number can be cross-referenced to engineering numbers C8ZE-K, C8ZE-M, C8ZE-S, and C9ZE-AE. The C8ZZ-A service part number can be cross-referenced to engineering numbers C8ZE-A, C8ZE-B, C8ZE-C, and C8ZE-L.Ultimately, this means that a buyer of a replacement C8ZZ-C radiator could have received a radiator with any of these stamped engineering numbers.


Don’t take my word for it. Do any amount of research that you feel appropriate. Everything I can see says I am correct. You should be able to get the original Ford blueprint with a phone call. I know I can, but I hate to use that ability for something I already know the answer to.

It should indicate what it left the factory with on the build sheet.

Back from vacation, so I can now look into this. I’m not doubting anyone’s wisdom, especially not Royce or the numbers on the CJ site. But, I’m still 100 % convinced this is the original factory radiator to the Cougar and has never been remove prior to my ownership. The first clue, what would be the odds of getting a replacement one with a date code three weeks before the car build date? Nothing attached to the radiator had been disturbed. Original hoses and clamps still in place. Original mounting bolts with no evidence of ever having a tool on them. Still had all the original belts as well. Original fan shroud. Here are a couple of pictures. You can tell the bolts have only been installed once from the factory. I haven’t gone digging under the carpet for the built sheet yet.

Sorry, for stealing this thread…not like I haven’t done it before.

Love all the original stamps and decals. Hood pad looks original too. Love untouched cars like this!

Hi Does anyone have the dimensions for a 24" triple core radiator? I am most interested in the height. I just purchased an original style 24" radiator to suit a v8 Cleveland but even with the proper bottom brackets on a 70 351 Auto Eliminator, it seems to sit too high / hits under the hood. I havnt put a radiator cap on yet either.

I have a replacement Cougar 24" one that is 21" tall, not counting the neck. I also have a 1967 Fairlane 4 speed 24" unit that is 22.5 inches tall not counting the neck.
The neck is about 0.5 inches tall.

Thanks badcatt, I think Im in trouble, my radiator is 22.5" high (without the neck) and I have about 22.5" clearance from the bottom to under the hood. looks like mine will fit an Aussie V8 Falcon but too high for a Mercury unfortunately.