Radiator Upgrade?

I have a 351 Winsor with .30 over pistons and 4-barrel intake and carb. Current radiator is 20"+/- with the side filler plate. The fan shroud basically deteriorated, and I purchase a new one for a 69 Mustang but the attachment slots for the clips didn’t line up. I managed to mount it with zip ties, but the fan ended up rubbing and cut a slot. The temperature is fine when running but can creep up when idling or a hot day parade. Thinking about a 24" radiator which I understand will fit. ?? Would you advise eliminating the fan and going to an electric fan setup? Should I just try and find the correct shroud?
Any suggestions on a new/upgraded radiator set up?

Thanks, Luke

Here’s a tried and tested setup from WCCC. The video is well worth the time.

WCCC Cooling System Upgrade Kit and video

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You should not be having any overheating problems with the original setup and fitting an electric fan is only covering the symptoms and not fixing the problem.

You need to go through your cooling system and engine tune to solve the problem. And I do mean checking everything.

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You can’t go wrong with a 24" radiator, the matching fan and shroud. Over heating at low speeds means you are not moving enough air and the shroud is critical for that.

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Perfect. Thank you.

Perfect. Thanks you