Raditor Fan Shroud Fitment

so I got a new fan shroud for a 68 289 and nothing fits right, not flush with the bracket, and the holes don’t line up on my radiator. I do have a 4 core radiator that was made by a radiator shop. So I was wondering if fitment will be impossible with the radiator I have; or if there is a shroud I can get that will fit a custom 4 core 68 289. I may end up getting a new radiator because the current one is not cutting it and the fan shroud was a last hope.

2 rads for these cars. 20" & 24". 20" is for non- A/C cats. The 24" is mostly for A/C & big block Cats. 20" bolts in w/ 4 screws. 24" have a top bracket w/ rubber isolators & special 1 year only (67) lower brackets w/ iso’s.

A picture would help us determine what you have.

4 core rads will have issues fitting shroud due to the thickness.

Suggestion: get a fan w/ a clutch & a 24" rad setup.

Here at a mile high, we always have cooling issues on the old cars!

Actually in 1967 the widest / clamp in type radiator available for Mustang / Cougar was 22".

I don’t recall measuring the 67’s. I do not recall any side filler panels like the 20" ones. Is the 22" wide enough? Any pics?

The 22" clamp in radiators do not use filler pieces. They fit the '67 opening perfectly. They are not reproduced and neither is the fan shroud. Both are highly prized by the concours crowd. The lower brackets from a '67 only fit the 22" radiator. Google it there are lots of photos out there.

Royce is correct. All 67 FE Mustangs and Cougars used the 23" core. The 68 up shroud won’t fit the originals. No one makes the 67 only core. All the new replacements are of the 68 up 24" variety. You can’t use a 67 shroud on a 68. When you change to the 68 core you also have to buy the 68 up bottom support brackets. AC and FE cars do not use the side filler plates like the standard cooling small block/six cylinders do.
The fan shroud is reproduced for the 67 only FE core. However, it’s not horsehair fiberglass like Ford originals.


I actually did a typo I meant a 68 radiator but the shroud is for a 67. Although who knows it may be a 67 radiator that the previous owner put in. NPD only had 20" shrouds for 67’s not 68. So should I get a 24" or stick with a 20" and get a shroud somewhere else? west coast classic cougar had them out of stock last time I checked. I just want whatever will cool the best. Is 24" over kill for a 289? also how many cores 2-3? it will be an aluminum one.

What engine do you have? Let’s establish that. If you have the wider Big block/ Small block AC radiator it’s likely 23.25" Does it bolt on the sides to the radiator core, or does it have a clamp in the middle of the core support? Then we can start talking what to look for.

It’s a 289 and it uses brackets. So pretty sure it was a 20"