Rare Oldsmobile?

Not Cougar related but you don’t see to many either? I like the lines.


I would actually consider going GM for that.

Always liked a Fishtail Riviera too.

Some knothead put the snow tires on the back!

That is a cool car. I was considering Riviera’s before I settle on a Cougar. Part of the decision was vehicle length. Those early 60’s Riv’s just won’t fit in my garage. :unamused:

I didn’t notice that at first. They were probably complaining about what a poor performer this car was in the snow and couldn’t figure out why. Hilarious!

Looks like a pretty decent car for the price. At 93000 miles I doubt it spent all it’s life in the north. Appears too solid for that.

I grove a Toronado when I was in my early 20’s it wasn’t mine and I only put about 50 miles on it driving girl friend around in ti. It was her dad’s car. It was a nice driver, heavy but it would pull well.

May be we should make sure Dave Friburger and Mike Finnigan know about his one?

When I was a strictly GM person in the 90’s I wanted a ‘66 Toronado real bad traveling statewide seeking the right one. Ended up with a 67 Camaro. The 66 is a little different but in a good way. It had sculpturing in the body lines. Compared to the ‘66 they got uglier every year until 1970 when the hidden headlights went away and then a real turd. Jay Leno did a good story on his ‘66. If unique is what you seek. They put Toronado running gear in big ass 26 foot Class A GMC Motorhomes another member of the wish list of mine.

If you ask me though a ‘67-‘70 Cougar is unique with timeless beauty well built and the capacity to hang with any muscle car street wise. What more can an old man ask for in a toy?

For what it is worth, this car won car of the year for it’s design in 1966. So I guess a lot of people liked it back in the day. For me, I have always liked the 1970 442 W30 cars. The fiberglass hood on the W30s is awesome!