Rarity by options break down and values?

It’s time for me to ask again, if anyone has the “other” 1967 Cougar XR7, that is glacier blue, with a red interior, and a black vinyl top.
I know that just because they didn’t make a lot of something ,doesn’t make it more valuable, but I’m curious how many other “limited” combinations there are, say less than ten of something?
I did see an early AC Cobra, 289 car, that had this same blue and red color scheme. I don’t know that I would have picked it, but it looked good on the Cobra.

According to my Marti report mine is 1 of 2 with these paint and trim codes, Nordic Blue, Parchment vinyl roof, Parchment interior with red appointments. Never got a definitive answer to what all was “red appointments”.

I believe you can find the answers to all paint color and interior color combinations produced at the factory from Kevin Marti’s book Cougar By the Numbers.

Thanks Berns68, I wonder what it is about blue cars, and odd colors?

Were Mercury Glacier Blue and Ford Brittany Blue the same color or is there a difference if you see them side by side?

Both are the same for 1967, color code Q. Lincoln may have named it Huron Blue Metallica.


Oh good, someone saw what I did there.