Reaching out to previous owners

Thought I would share the results of my outreach to previous owners of my '70. The paperwork folder that came with purchase was a treasure trove of history. From its California "childhood to ticket stubs from Oklahoma turnpikes to old registrations. Gathered up some names and found some addreses and sent letters out. The guy i heard from thanked me for bringing back great memories. He and his buddy were mechanics at a dealership near Buffalo, the buddy moved to California, found the car in the early 80’s and shipped it back to Buffalo for his co-worker who restored it and repainted the factory light gold with green metal flake. He had 6 kids and when it came time for tuition, he had to sell it…


That’s nice he responded. Good detective work!

Yes, that’s awesome! I have tried reaching out to previous owners of mine with mixed results. Some (including a rock vocalist) are very interested and happy to respond. Others don’t seem to want to be bothered. But it’s really cool when they do!

I’ve had fairly good results with reaching out to previous owners, except the 71 XR-7 I recently sold. As the first owner and his daughter, the second owner ae both deceased. I was unable to find her son who was the executor of her estate and sold it to the couple I bought it from. I would have liked to have had some history from when it was running back in the 70’s and 80’s. But I know it is a good running car today.
I met with the original owner of my White 70 XR-7. I got a lot of history from him, The second owner is who I got it from. He did some work to it, has a minor fender bender and repaired it. Then I got it and have had it for some time.
My Yellow 70 Standard CJ Cougar I have only been able to get history from the guy I got it from and the receipts that came with it dating back in to the early 90’s. It was sold in Madara CA by the Marti report. Came to Washington sometime after that. Picking up with the receipts I have with a couple names.

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