Rear Parking light wire hot

1968 Cougar. Car was basket case. I reinstalled the harness and replaced all the rear tsil light sockets. The lights all work. But the large pink wire that i believe feeds all the individual sockets gets hot very fast. Fast as in warm within 10 seconds. I 2057 bulbs which from readying seem to interchange with the 1157.


Update. I only had 1 2057 the others were 1157.

I put bulbs in the license plate lights and it takes a out 10 seconds for the breaker to trip.

Im gonna check the amp draw but not sure it matters.

Yeah, if the supply wire gets hot and the breaker pops, there are too many amps flowing to ground somewhere downstream from the supply wire. Are the license lights on when this happens? If not, there is likely a short in one of the license plate light sockets.

All bulbs are on. Initially, ididnt have tje licenses bulbs in and it was still getting hot and the breaker tripping. Albeit the breaker toom more time to trip with the license bulbs out. Im going to pull all the tail light bulbs and just run the license bulbs. Then add in tail ligjt bulbs 1 at a time. All the tail ligjt sockets are new. One may have an issue.

That was my thought too - good luck!

That is a resistor wire and it is supposed to get hot. The 2057 is said to be a three contact bulb… maybe that is the issue? One certain fix is to go with LEDs as they pull a lot less current.

I spent a little time troubleshooting. Regardless of order of bringing lights on it got hot. So ordered LED’s. Resister wire cool as a cucumber now and they are brighter.