Rear quarter glass adjustment.

This may sound dumb, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get my glass adjusted and lined up properly. The doors are perfect, door glass and vent window frame lined up perfect with the weatherstrip. But the quarter glass; that’s off. Hard to see in the pic, but where I am pointing, the quarter glass is not sealing completely, and it’s “leaning” forward at the top causing the door glass frame to strike it?? Any help on “the trick” would be appreciated.

With the quarter window in the up position there are three bolts that you can access from the inside of the car. Remove your interior panel an there are two holes in the window frame that give you access to the 1/2 bolts. If you loosen these slightly you should be able to move the window guide assembly in a left to right motion. Right would be towards the back of the car from the inside. The Third bolt is at the bottom and it lets the assembly move up and down.
Here is a picture of the window guide assembly. The Cougar quarter glass is on the right and you can see the bolt holes in the square holes in the lower part of the window frame itself.

I hope this helps.


Those are the only adjustments that can be made? If so, something else must be wrong. I’ve messed with those for an hour… Is it possible to have the wrong guide plate in the wrong side of the car??

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I don’t think you can have the wrong guide plate due to the body curve that is in each plate. Small adjustments make a big difference. It could also be possible that the window frame stops are not in place, letting the window travel slightly higher in the guide plate. The stops are held in place by 7/16 bolts at the base of the window frame. The stop is a small “L” shaped piece that catches and inverted stop on the guide plate assembly. You can see the stops on the Mustang convertible glass ion the left in my picture.