Rear valance R&R

Any tricks? Looks complicated but due to health issues I have to pick a day I’m feeling good. R&R for painting. How long should it take? Thanks!

67 to 70 you need to remove the rear bumper, then in the trunk to the ends in the drop off you will need to remove a nut on each side. Then on the out side along where the bumper hid the top edge of the valance you remove a line of sheet metal screws and it falls off. 71 to 73 are about he same but are bigger. 67 and 68 rear bumpers are easier to remove as they do not have the license plate attached to the bumper. 69 and 70 you need to either remove the license plate light from the bumper or work the wire loose and feed it through the tail light panel. Depending on your ability’s 1 to 4 hours. I can do it in about a half hour.

Thanks badcatt Mine is a 67 (which I failed to mention) I’ll plan on 4 hours and try for 1/2! :slight_smile: I use to try and beat flat rate when working on my Toyota’s (use to work there)

Only thing I would add is the reverse lamp wiring needs to be disconnected / reconnected.