Rear View Mirror glass removal

Trying to remove the old mirror glass from 1970 rear view mirror. I have the cover unpeeled all around except in the middle. Wanted to confirm that the cover comes off around the mounting bracket. It does not seem to want to budge around the bracket no matter how much I soak it in hot water. Any tips?

Have you watched this: Rear View Mirror Lens Replacement - Classic Cougar, Mustang, etc - YouTube

Just be very careful. '70 mirrors are very hard to come by.

Watched the video multiple times - just does not show a 70 mirror cover removal. Can I escalate to boiling water without damaging the cover?


I finally got the mirror out - in pieces!!! A tough bastard to remove!

Glad it worked out for you

That’s too bad. Mine were pretty easy.

My mistake was trying to peel the cover off around the mount. After I broke the glass I figured out you can you use a scraper between the glass and the mount to seperate them.