Rear view

Rear of Eliminator Finished minus cougar badge ( fitting this weekend ) all glue in glass Finished & operates smoothly. All mechanical work finished . Having lots of enjoyment, shall keep you all posted. Mal.

Love a good 69 rear end. Nice work!

Very nice[CCCGallery][CCCGallery]

Everything lined up nice… good job

Wow, that looks sharp! Great job!

You’ll have to post some more “full body” pics, so we can see the rest of your hard work (and maybe nominate for Ride of Month soon!).

Thank you all for the kind words, I am waiting on some parts to arrive to complete the interior, rear package tray, stereo speakers, insulation & Door scuff Plates. I have a hot Cleveland 351 installed at present while I rebuild the matching Number 351 Windsor. My Eliminator had the 20 Inch Radiator, ran too hot so I installed a 24 Inch 3 core with a aluminium restrictor Plate & windsor thermostat in the Cleveland, runs nice & cool now. Here in Australia, we have both 351 Windsor’s & 351 Cleveland’s as well as a 302 Cleveland. I intend to rebuild the windsor at my leisure.

Mal. :australia::checkered_flag: