Rear window seal

I am looking for recommendations for someone to replace the rear seals in the back window of my 1969 mercury cougar I live in the Portland Metro area

While I don’t have a recommendation to give regarding WHO might be able to do this for you, I think that the information posted on the West Coast Classic Cougar website regarding the DCMR ( Dennis Carpenter ) reproduction is invaluable to whoever may undertake this installation :

You will need new window gaskets if you plan on changing the headliner. Replaces Ford part #: C9WY-6542084. Installing it yourself? bedding compound is required for a complete seal.

Here are some useful tips on installing this seal made by DCMR.

From KTL Restorations; Our cure for installing this less than perfect fitting reproduction is to use the longer trim clips (black ones). The clips Ford used were red oxide and the reproduction clips are green. The black clips extend up about 3/32 of an inch further, this should be enough to grab the trim. Also, not all of the clip posts were in the same location as far as some being higher or lower which would puts the clip closer to the pinch-weld or near the body line. Sometimes he has to use a combination of clips is needed to complete the job. You have to be careful not to get the clips too high or the trim will be loose.

From Cascade Classics; My trick is I put the seal on the body of the car first and then work the glass in. It is a pain in the a%# but it works. The clips I use are #387. Ford part number D1AB-6545413-AB or C5ZZ-6542413-B. I have never had a problem with them.

From Jeff B, President on the Cascade Cougar Club; I use a dremel tool to bring the height of the rubber seal down as the only reproduction made (by DCMR) sits up a little too high.

It is actually really easy to do it yourself, much easier than a windshield. We have a video that shows how to use weed eater string.