reference picture

For 1970 starter relay area on passenger side inner fender/ battery area? (preferably with bits for power top-)
I have the color wiring diagram coming in the mail, but if someone has a picture or two available, I would appreciate it!

I’m sure someone will chime in with a better picture, but here’s one to get ya started.

Here’s my 70 with power top and windows. Looks like my battery cable should have gone on the solenoid first, and then all the accessory terminals.

Those will help, thank you very much! If you saw the picture that I posted of the engine bay on the new 'vert, you can understand the request.
I’m going to have to pretty much take everything out and start from scratch.
I have an extra 69 harness that I believe will supply everything I need for replacement, at least until I can get a complete new one-

I did see that - ouch! I think pulling everything out and going back to an original harness is a good idea. Here’s a larger view showing the alternator plug. Mine is an XR7 so it has the ammeter in dash instead of the alternator warning light. Wiring to alternator, regulator, and starter solenoid is slightly different between the two.