Removing hte directional vent

Anyone know how to remove this from the heater control assembly? Im figuring on getting it re chromed and need to disassemble it to for them.

It is very very hard to do without breaking the plastic part that locks it in place. The plastic piece has fingers that expand outward when the register is pushed into the vent housing. You have to start by removing the air door axle from the housing. The rubber piece may be brittle as well so use some care pulling the axle out. If the rubber part is hard, you may want to get a replacement for it and also for the locking ring. WCCC has botr of these parts.

Pretty much no one gets these rechromed because they are so expensive to do. You might want to get a quote and then consider what it will take to repaint everything before going further. WCCC has the complete vent kit win new knobs for about $350 or so… I can’t get their site to show images right now.

Here is the A/C control vent on WCCC’s website. It’s a nice piece and the price is good also $205.97.