Removing paint that was scratched on

WD-40, and a lot of elbow grease. Much better than rubbing compound as it is not abrasive.

Are you still talking about SoCalCraigsters Tranny Brother-in-law?


Black and white, you know I’m thinking Houndstooth here.
Don’t come looking for me, I’m just kidding.



Wouldn’t be the first time I didn’t understand something implied, but I don’t see the connection? Maybe one has be an aficionado of people like Craig’s Bother in Law in order to understand? Like maybe Eddie Murphy (and yourself) would understand right away? :think:

Is that the original paint? If not, lacquer thinner would wipe that right off. If so, it’ll wipe your paint off as well. Try acetone or nail polish remover.

Hi Sean. Not original paint, and I was told by the previous owner that it’s a lacquer paint. So lacquer thinner not the way to go, right?

Trust me, try WD-40. You might have to work at it, but it will not take the (car’s) paint off.

And WD-40 is one of the few things I already have handy! I tried scratching it off with a fingernail a couple different times to absolutely no avail.

Thanks for not saying brake fluid. I’m noob enough that I might’ve fallen for that one. :wink: