Replace 67 with a quick ratio steering box?

Hi everyone,

My cars steering is sloppy and doesn’t feel safe on the highway. Which part and what steps are there in installing a quick ratio steering box? It was a manual steering but put a powering steering unit off a 68 cougar. Thank you.

Basically just remove the power assist parts(Control valve ram, P.S. pitman are and P.S idler arm) and replacc e with manual steering parts. The quick steering box has the same ratio as the P.S. box. Just be prepared for hard steering at slow speeds and a work out when parallel parking. I did the to a couple past Cougars I’ve owned.

Thanks Badcatt. Are there any other parts to help overall steering?

Is the rag joint in good shape? (If ii has one)

As sfhess said, the rag joint, also idler arm, steering box, with P.S. systems the control valve. Also over condition of the control arms and tie rods. If any are wore out they can cause sloppy steering, if they are all shot you may be fighting to just keep it on the road.

Good points. I’m taking it to a mechanic, as I need a lift to test them. But I bet several of those things are old. Thanks

When you added the PS from a 68, did you also switch to the box from the 68?

Darren, remember that the 67 and 68 steering gears are different. The 67 box has a long shaft, while the 68 column is collapsible and has a rag joint to connect to the splined shaft on the gearbox.

Thanks for all the suggestions. The car was manual steering, put a rebuilt power steering unit in it around 1987, but the box was never changed out. Which could be part of the issue.