Replace the Lower Control Arm?

I am trying to get my Dad’s 18th birthday present, a 1968 XR7, up and running. It has basically been sitting for the last 40 years, and everything is original. I am in the process of replacing/refurbishing all of the front suspension components. For the lower control arms, the original bushings and the riveted ball joints are still in place. What are the community’s thoughts on keeping the original arms but replacing the bushings and ball joints vs getting new control arms entirely?

New arms are the way to go.

I agree with Bill. I used the PST kit for my '68. Go to and search their site.

I like these units as they look the most correct of all the inexpensive arms on the market.

Thank you for the feedback!

Just replace the whole thing. Getting those ball joints out of the control arm is more difficult then pulling them from the vehicle.

New arms and have them reenforced. You’ll need to drill for the sway bar bolt and strut rod bolts/nuts. But it makes it much more solid.