Replacement Fuel Sending Unit

Hello all…

I am looking for a quality replacement for the fuel sending unit in my '67 GT with the convenience package. Any advice is greatly appreciated…


I do not believe there is any such thing. You can get yours restored by Bill Basore. No other way to have one that fits and works.

They make them, but they are JUNK!
Note, I have a reproduction unit in both my White 70 XR-7 and my 71 XR-7. Both read empty at about half a tank.

I recommend getting your old one rebuilt by Bill Basore, he is here in this forum. Send him a PM about his service.

Thanks guys…I will reach out to Bill.

Agree all of them are terrible even the standard ones.
Mine reads between empty and half only. Most of the time it’s on E all the time

I rebuild them. Each year is different and you will need a rebuildable core. If you don’t have a core let me know. I have a few possible cores coming in that may be rebuildable. The aftermarket senders are not built using the same design as the Ford parts. ( I will also buy rebuildable low fuel cores for $50 if you have any extras. Don’t worry about condition as I can take two crappy cores and often make one good one.)

I just recently developed a new technique that lets me replace the contact button on the internal sweep arm on the '67 senders so there will be a few more getting saved. At this point rust through is the only guaranteed killer of old senders.

It is a fairly time consuming process and right now I am able to one per day. I charge a flat rate of $125 for low fuel senders. That includes a new brass float, filter, seal ring, thermistor and return postage by Priority Mail. Standard senders are $90 and get everything but the thermistor. Each sender is internally hand calibrated and tested in the original Ford circuit. I can send pics of your sender being tested. I have two cutaway gas tanks that I use to verify that the sender is aligning correctly with the tank and to fix damage caused by people who try to bend the float arm to “fix” incorrect readings. If you send your oem locking ring I will run it through the blast cabinet at no additional charge. If you do not send it you should be sure it is clean and making good contact with the sender and the tank.

If you do not have a core a rebuilt low fuel sender if $250 when available. Let me know if you need one and I will put you on the list.