Replacement Magnum 500 wheels

I had 14" Magnum 500 wheels on my '67 and really enjoyed them even though they showed wear. I recently installed Wildwood disc brakes so I will need to install new wheels. I would like to go back to Magnums but wanted some input as to whether there were any good manufacturers. I’ve read some hit and miss reviews regarding the Vintique Wheels version while the Legendary Wheels version looks good but appears to be machined aluminum which tends to be less appealing than chrome (to me, at least). Anybody have any experience with newer versions?

Holley HK wheels are really nice. They come in 17”

That’s very nice. I hadn’t seen the Holley brand. Thanks for including a photograph. Another one to consider.

I had 14” steel and chrome Magnum 500’s on our ‘69. The part Ford part number on them was a D2 (‘72) number and they were worn and a tad rusty, but I loved the look of them. When I got the car repainted I changed tires and wheels to BFG’s and I got the Legendary aluminum wheels in 15”. I am very happy with them. They look very similar to the original Magnum 500’s.


Very nice ride. Those wheels look very similar to the original. From your experience, do you find the wheels to be good quality (not out of round, consistent paint, etc.)? Also, are the perimeters a polished or machined aluminum? I really like the chrome look but can be swayed by a nice polished look.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I got the wheels from WCCC. The quality is excellent in my opinion. Paint is even and very consistent. Aluminum is polished and very true. I noticed that they didn’t require a whole lot of weights in balancing them either.

I purchased my Magnums from Kentucky Mustang as they had free shipping and no sales tax. Looks like they’re 10% off today. I’m happy with the quality and they balanced fine.

I bought mine from summit, the fronts 15x8 were fine but i had to add a lot of weights to counter the run out on the rears. 15 x 10
They are steel/chrome centre’s and rims.

69XRRR7 - Thank you very much for the feedback. I was on the fence about aluminum rims, however, your experience with Legendary has me giving them serious consideration.

DroptopCougr - how long have you had your rims? If it has been at least a year, has the chrome held up?

Bluestuff - I am loving the white on blue. Very sharp color combination. Do you mind if I ask what brand you purchased? I don’t plan to go up to a 10" wide rim but I concerned about balancing issues.

I bought the car about 4 years ago, the wheels came in the same shipping container as the car but it was at least a year before i got them on.
The fronts came out great , very little balance weight required.
The rears needed a lot more to compensate for the run out, but otherwise can’t feel any vibration.
Yes, white on blue looks cool on a convertible.
I can only imagine how hot black upholstery would get in the hot sun with the top down.

To be fare, it doesn’t get driven much, and the only water it sees is on the end of a wash brush.
so far they aren’t rusted even on the inside rims.
If you keep them well washed the acidic rain water doesn’t get a chance to find and penetrate any porosity on the chrome.

I have upgraded to SN95 Cobra brakes so in order to get wheels that look like Magnums but clear the brakes, I was looking at Billet Specialties Super Sport’s

This is the best wheel and tire combo I have ever seen on a cougar. I just bought a 1969 Cougar with a 351 Cleveland transplant and I want that wheel and tire setup. Can you please tell me the tire size and wheel size combo. Looks so incredible

Thanks! I spent a lot of time looking. Those are Holley HK wheels. 17x9 out back and 17x8 in front. Tires are continental pro comp sport 2 275/40/17 rears and 245/45/17

Do you know backspacing

Want to do the 17x8 magnum all around they are 4.25 back spacing would that work

Off the top of my head I don’t know backspacing but they are all the same from hk. Meant for all mopars and fords

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