Replacement shocks-1972 Cougar base/convertible

Im looking to replace the front and rear shocks on my Cougar, wondering what would be the best shocks to use…

Koni or Rancho. Both great handling and rebuildable. The cheapest? KYB or Monroe. Very inexpensive and it will be apparent why.

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Thanks, Ill be checking those shocks out…

Im using Aldian or Aldan on my 69’ they definitely dont absorb like factory, but stance is perfect and they are made in the USA.

Thanks, Ill be checking them out…

I have run KYB Gas-Adjust shocks on my 1970 351C-4V convertible for over 30 years. I like the way they added just a little firmness to the ride. This is because they are a high pressure gas shock. They work good with a GT-type suspension (stiffer springs and sway bars). They have provided a smooth ride around town and on the highway. They are no longer cheap. The Mustang folks bad mouth them because they are too stiff for the rear of a Mustang. But our Cougars need a little more control in the rear because of the wheelbase and weight difference.

KONI shocks are typically too harsh for most boulevard cruisers.You will feel every undulation in the road with the KONI shocks set on the mildest setting. They work great on my 1967 race car and I installed a set on my big block car back when you could still buy them from Ford in the '70s.
But they are best for autocrossing and canyon racing.