Reproduction Brake lines and hoses - 1969 Cougar ( big block )

I know there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the members of this community, so I’d like to ‘tap into’ that. My query is about brake hoses and lines, specifically who makes the most authentic looking ( and obviously most durable ) on the market. I recently saw, on eBay a set of NOS front disc brake hoses sell for 1472.00 dollars after 37 bids ( and no I DID NOT win them ) - but the hoses from look spot on ( lacking, of course the Wagner logo, date, etc. ).

Do any members have experience with this brand / manufacturer or are there others ‘out there’ that are close to OEM in fit, finish and performance ?
Thanks for all the input on this, I’d like to get it right before I commit to a purchase of all the lines required in my restoration.

The picture doesn’t look any different the the AutoZone Duralast ones. Not sure how the OEM’s would have been noticeably different. I’ve been running them for several years.

Unfortunately none will look like originals and unless you find some very early service parts or someone that reproduced them today that want to take on the liability all will have the double crimp

Not sure how far your taking the restoration but they are also date coded if that matters

I’ve used Inline Tube on two cars for brake and fuel lines. Perfect fit for all lines. Flares looked good. No leaks. I’m not showing my cars as Concours, so I went for the stainless lines.

I don’t think Inline sold the jounce hoses back when I did mine, so I used Wagner, Raybestos, etc., so I can’t comment on their hoses.

I’d check with West Coast Classic Cougar. You would not go wrong by calling them and asking what they would suggest. It certainly could not hurt.