Resource for sunroof seal?

Does anyone know of a reasonable priced option for a replacment sunroof seal for 68 cougars?

On another of topic note if anyone is looking for new sunroof cables for our cars I found a resource that sells them for $295US a pair. A lot cheaper than the $700 I see some selling them for.

BMW 1600 used a very similar seal, and it is sometimes available through BMW parts departments.

There are two thicknesses of the plastic guide insert used in the Golde cables. the ones that fit Porsche are too thick for the rails in our cars, and the Porsche cables are also too short for the Cougar. We have been working with the guys who’re reproducing the cables to do a version that actually works on the Cougar.

Hmmm, I have a pair for a Porsche 356C and they appear to have used the same length cables. I have a set that are the exact same compared to the cougar ones in length etc. I inquired and the part numbers they list are the same ones ford used and seem to work with my sunroof, no guide thickness issues either. Maybe I got lucky, I don’t have a Porche to compare them with, lol.

Email they sent me when I inquired.

Re: sun roof cables for Mercury Cougar

As far as we know our cables can be used on the Cougar, specifically the XR-7.

Ford numbers are C8WY-65502B20-A and - B.

Our part number for the pair of cables is: NLA-564-633-50-634 $295.00 See

Thanks for your inquiry. Give me a call with any questions or to anyone here with your order.

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So I am the one that did all of the research for Stoddard on the cables to help them figure out what it would take to make them work on the Cougar. Everything I have told you is correct. The cables, as manufactured, are too long for the 356. They are the length that they are because I did the home work for them to get it right. Most recently I verified that the cables were not too large in diameter to fit our rails. The ONLY reason you have a set that will work for your car is that I sacrificed two sets of my original cable inserts to verify the problem, and the correct dimensions. As I said, we have been working with the guys that reproduce the cables to to do a version that actually works on the Cougar. I won’t make a dime on any of these cables. I did all of this for the sole purpose of helping people restore their cars…

Here are a couple of images that go back to 2003 when we started working on this. This illustrates the difference between the two parts. I have no idea what they ended up doing for the Porsche.

And there are actually many differences between the originals and these replacements. Stoddard Knows this. The good news is that these are workable.

For example the pin that that rides the ramp is quite different.

And the Stoddard cables really don’t stop where they are supposed to, note the difference in the angle.

Nice work! Thank you for all your work on this. But back to my original post, even with the small differences they do work for most cougar owners needs and given how hard it is to find parts for these assemblies, and at a reasonable price point. Cheers. C. :slight_smile:

A good place to look for sunroof parts is ebay Germany as these parts are all made there. I am actually not 100% sure about how the seal is supposed to look , but I think you should be able to find something you could use here:

Good luck.

This is the correct seal profile for the XR7-G sliding roof panel. The color is wrong, it should be black for a Cougar roof.

Thanks! Royce it’s funny because I just emailed that same company about another eBay auction over seals the other day. Can I assume this would be the same seal profile as well then
Ok the big question here, the seal obviously goes on top of the vinyl covering the inner lip of the sunroof but is it just glued in place? What would be the best adhesive to use for this??

XR7-Gry - haven’t checked your XR7-G restoration in a while, how is it coming or did you finish?

Cheers, Chris.

I can’t tell if the other auction is the same or not.

I use professional grade contact cement when installing headliners, vinyl tops and seals or weatherstripping. The best product for this job is 3M Fastbond 10. I buy it in the quart can:

Coincidentally we just lowered the price on our sunroof seals. The guy who supplies them is getting up in years and it is unknown how much longer he will be supplying them so we bought a large quantity and saved a few dollars.

Hey Don, well I’d rather support you guys. What are you selling them for? Last I saw your site was said was out of stock