Restored red 69 Steering wheel with pad and bezel

When I restored my 69 428 vert., I had red 2 steering wheels. I had them both restored at the same time and never used the second one. Selling it now. Dark red with repro rim blow switch installed, nice pad and grade A Decor/Eliminator bezel. Highest bid by Monday night 7pm CST. Located in Dallas. Pickup ok, or can ship. Winner gets first shot at full dark red XR7 console with lid.

Nice looking wheel & pad. My friend has a 69 with a red interior, I’ll let him know about this one. Do you have an idea of asking price? I think the forum requires a price, and there’s probably not enough traffic on this forum to get many ‘bids’ going anyway.

Ty for the f/u. If they require a price (which in hindsight makes sense), then I guess I would price this at around $800. I know a fully restored wheel alone is $625.